How virus effect your smart phones and pc.

   What causes virus to your devices
What causes virus to your devices

Do you know that download or watching porn can cause virus to your android or your smart phone or computer pc. Learn how by reading this interesting article below.

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One of the best things about Android is you can have your pornwithout rooting the phone. One of the worst things about Android is you can have your porn without rooting the phone, and malware makers know this.
Now Android Trojan viruses can be delivered right to your phone by pretending to be porn apps. A Trojan virus sneaks into your device by hiding in a different package, just like the soldiers in the Trojan Horse.
Yes, your smartphone is officiallyjust as good as a PCsince you can have the exact same virus issues. And this latest outbreak is from Russia, but the love is more like a shakedown. Once downloaded to an Android handset and run, this poison pill will send SMS messages without the user’s knowledge. Plus each message will cost $6.
And just in case you don’t believe this is being done on purpose, this nasty little virus is being delivered to porn lovers everywhere via search engine optimization. That means these bad guys are doing their best to make sure a certain class of customer (like the kind who types “Android porn apps” into a search engine) finds them easily.
The Trojan virus is identical to the one used in the first Android Trojan outbreak, Trojan- SMS.AndroidOS.Fak ePlayer.b. While this particular app is directed at users in Russia, cybercriminals are quite willing to take that first W in “World Wide Web” quite seriously. While this malware app is not in the Android Market, it is finding interested customers on several websites.